The Tenor is the next size up from a Concert ukulele. In terms of scale length, typically you’ll be looking at about two inches longer. The neck and nut is a little wider than that of the Concert size which will add to the overall weight of the instrument. The generous proportions of the Tenor Ukulele offers the player plenty room between the frets, this results in an instrument well suited for more complicated playing styles such as finger-picking and finger-style. 

In recent years, the Tenor has become a standard among professional players due to its superior projection, clear tonality and unrivaled low end which sits well when collaborating with musicians playing other acoustic instruments. 

Beginners (particularly those with a background in guitar) find these to be a very rewarding and versatile instrument to start their ukulele journey with. Typically tuned (high) G, C, E, A, but can sound incredible with a Low G too!