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Ukes in the Classroom! 

As well as stealing our hearts, the ukulele has seen a dramatic rise in popularity with its utilisation within music education. Numerous practical benefits have contributed to so many schools adopting a ukulele program within their curriculum - most typically replacing the outdated recorder programs, here’s why! 

    1. The Ukulele is chromatic! 
    2. The Ukulele is chordal! 
    3. The Ukulele is rhythmic! 
    4. The Ukulele allows for the player to sing while playing!
    5. The Ukulele is inexpensive!
    6. The Ukulele is FUN!

Lord Uke is proud to have worked with schools, ukulele groups & education programs for over a decade. Be it simple servicing or supplying a school with a comprehensive line-up of instruments and accessories, we’re here to help! 

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