Repairs & Servicing

With an in-house repair technician on staff, we’re able to offer comprehensive instrument servicing for your ukulele.

With outstanding attention to detail, quick turn around times, fair pricing and the right advice we’ve got you covered. Be it the precious vintage piece or a hard-worn workhorse we’ve seen them all!


Re-String - $25 plus strings
Service includes:
Fingerboard clean and condition
Instrument clean and polish
Install strings and tune up

Ukulele Service and Setup - $85 plus strings
Service includes:
Fingerboard clean and condition
Fret clean and polish
Instrument clean and polish
Nut service
Tuning key service
Bridge/saddle service
Clean and lubricate any electronics
Install strings and tune up
Action height adjustment
Intonation adjusted

Ukulele Service, Setup and Fret Dress - $140 to $200 plus strings
Service includes:
Fret level to correct fretboard radius
Crown/reshape frets
Clean and polish frets


Optional extras if required:

Nut Replacement - $80 including nut blank, plus strings (or including a setup for $140 including nut blank, strings extra)
Service includes:
Removal of old nut
Carving of new bone or Rosewood nut
Fitting of new nut
String slot cutting and polishing


Electronic Service/Re-wiring/Pickup Installations:

Electronic works - *quote upon inspection*
Services include: 
Pickup installation
Jack replacement
General electronic diagnostics

Structural repairs - *quote upon inspection*
Services Include:
Crack repairs
Bridge re-glueing or replacement
Brace repairs