Vorson Electric Ukulele - Stratocaster Style (Various Colours)

Colour: Black
Sale price$299.95


When worlds collide! Introducing the Vorson electric ukulele! Four strings, two pickups and a plethora of iconic guitar body shapes. 


These solid body instruments are built with the same technologies one would see in a typical electric guitar but down sized (to a tenor scale) and strung and tuned like a uke. 


Perfect for ukulele players who like to experiment with amplifiers and pedals or even players who want a work around for louder live performances. These solid bodied instruments can be played with a distorted or effected signal without running the risk of feedback which traditional, hollow ‘piezo’ pickup loaded ukuleles would face. 


Strung with plain electric guitar strings (gauges 12, 18, 12 & 16). 


Rock on! 

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