Luna 'Hightide Series' Baritone Ukulele (Natural Satin, Zebrawood, Pickup, Gig Bag)

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One thing we love about the Luna Ukulele Company is their commitment to the use of exotic and innovative timbers.

The 'Hightide Series' is a fine example of this ethos. This Baritone ukulele we have here is contructed of beautiful Zebrawood. Outside of its striking appearance, Zebrawood is known for it warm tonality with pleasing dark overtones. We find this to work wonderfully for the Baritone size. Fitted with a quality Luna branded pickup system featuring treble and bass controls to shape your tone while playing live.

The unique aesthetic of the series takes its inspiration from the full moon at the first fret which causes the abalone wave fret markers below it to "rise" as they make their way up the fretboard towards the moon's pull.
Includes a gig bag!

Finish: Natural Satin

Size: Baritone

Top: Zebrawood

Back & Sides: Zebrawood

Electronics: Luna Brand Pickup

Case: Soft Bag

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