Luna 'Bamboo Series' Ukulele (Etched Bamboo Top, Gig Bag)

Size: Concert
Sale price$299


One thing we love about the Luna Ukulele Company is their commitment to the use of exotic and innovative timbers in their builds and the ‘Bamboo Series’ is a prime example.

Tonally, expect a nice warmth sitting somewhere between Spruce & Mahogany instruments while being made from a more sustainable, faster growing timber. These ukes’ have a striking attack and presence to their tone that we feel will work perfectly for players who are expressive strummers.

The neck is made from Mahogany, the bridge and fingerboard are crafted from Walnut – set off beautifully with pearl ‘Moon Phase’ inlays. The laser-etched Bamboo leaf design around the sound hole is a neat touch too! These ukes include a gig bag.


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