Strum & Sing 4 Chord Ukulele Songbook

Title: 4 Chord Songbook
Sale price$35.95


The Strum & Sing series of books provides you with an unplugged and pared-down approach to your favorite songs! Featuring just the chords and the lyrics, nothing fancy!

These easy-to-play arrangements are designed for both aspiring and professional musicians.

This fantastic collection lets you play nearly 60 songs in lots of styles, knowing just 4 chords on the uke!

Some songs included are: All Shook Up - Cecilia - Dixie Chicken - The Gambler - Guantanamera - I Gotta Feeling - Mr. Tambourine Man - My Generation - Ring of Fire - Shelter from the Storm - Surfin' U.S.A. - Twist and Shout - and dozens more!

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