Pono Ko'olau AC Concert Ukulele (Solid Acacia, Satin Finish)

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This all Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele offers rich smooth tones paired with fantastic playability.

Pono ukuleles play unlike any other uke on the market, styled with a slightly more rounded neck than their counterparts. This offers an entirely unique feel, perfect for articulating more complicated chord shapes or playing through scale patterns. These ukuleles are also equipped with the company’s in-house line of strings, custom designed to enrich the instruments harmonic properties. Another key component particular to the Pono line is the addition of a truss rod within the neck, allowing the player to determine their preferred string height from the fingerboard and correct any intonation issues with ease.

We can fit a Pono passive Pickup or pickup of your choice to this ukulele, please contact us for details.