The next step up in size from the Soprano. The Concert ukulele is built to slightly larger proportions on all axis, the scale length is typically an inch longer, the nut and neck are wider which makes the instrument slightly heavier than a Soprano. With the extra length comes wider spacing between frets, so players with larger hands or a background in guitar may find them more comfortable to play. 

The larger size also translates to a fuller, thicker tonality with greater volume and projection – particularly in the mid-range frequencies. The Concert size is a great option for players with slightly larger hands who favour the tone of a Soprano but find them too cramped to play. 

The Concert size fits tonally between the Soprano and Tenor, highlighting Soprano like sweetness combined with some of the mid-low richness of the larger Tenor Ukulele. Typically tuned (high) G, C, E, A, but can also take Low G sets with ease!